Johnny Igaz is an inspiration to us all

A creator, a warrior for justice, a joker, a lover and a friend. Always supportive and always real. This site is a space to honor him and his commitment to community, music, and the world. Thank you for everything Johnny. You’re with us forever.

For Johnny, always remember that you can do great things, that you should try the thing that makes you nervous, that you are an amazing person capable of creating and loving and being everything you want to be. Be compassionate, be fair, think of others first and we can all make the world an incredible place. It all starts with community.

They Sleep We Live T-Shirt


All proceeds from this shirt will go to the Fire Relief Fund for Victims of Ghostship Oakland Fire, Johnny’s family or the Immediate Oakland Fire Relief.

Printed on American Apparel shirts.

03/31/2017: We ran out of mens medium shirts and are short on a few others. Another order is going in today (hopefully) so those should be shipping out next week. Apologies for the delay! We’ll keep making these (in our spare time) as long as there is an ask for them. Thanks for your support. <3

Note: Local pickup is going to be at Vinyl Dreams on Haight street. We’ll update you when your local pickup order is available there. Please only choose this if that works for you, or you’re able to work out the best way to pick something up from one of us (which we’re more than happy to work out in the San Francisco and East Bay area). <3

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The fine folks over at Peabe have also made an akira themed shirt and some other items in Johnny’s honor.

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If you have questions or want to talk, email us!